Saturday, July 7, 2012

Going Tubing!!!!

I ordered a towable earlier this week and it was supposed to come late next week, but it got here today!!!! Yay! Can't beat FAST, FREE shipping! So, after nap/quiet time, the kids were soooooooo excited to get to tubing! There aren't many things that make me as happy as seeing the kids laugh and smile. There is a musical quality to children laughing. So, here are a few pictures from our boat ride this evening. Bray was along too, but didn't get to join in the tubing fun. He seemed to enjoy watching the big kids have fun though. At first they wanted to wear their goggles to keep the water from spraying in their eyes. By the time we had the tube pumped and ready to go, they had forgotten all about them. Going Tubing Going Tubing Let the fun begin! I promise they weren't in the air the whole time. Just as fraction, actually, but these were the most fun photos. Delia was literally bounced off TWO times. When we came back around to pick her up, she would cry and then say, "I want to do it again". heehee. That's my girl! Going Tubing Going Tubing Going Tubing Going Tubing Going Tubing And little Bray, content. He is such a sweet little guy. Going Tubing I had to do a little shopping for this tube. I had seen it all over the lake, but we couldn't find it locally. Someone must have it locally...but anyway, here is a link to the one we have from Overton's and and a similar one .


Barb July 9, 2012 at 8:54 PM  

Love D's googles! What a fun way to spend a summer day!

karren July 9, 2012 at 10:51 PM  

We have a couple of boats in the family, but I have never seen a tube like this one. I like those action shots, and the water bokeh. Great fun and wonderful pics as always!

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