Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Insert Curse Word of your Choice Here

Aaaaaaaaah! I got my NEW 50mm 1.4 yesterday and I played around with it this morning with Bray. And once again discovered I couldn't get nail focus with it. So, after feeling like I totally sucked, I thought I would do a little test and see what the issue was. The lens, or me.

So, I put the camera on a tripod. Then, adjusted the camera so it was 45 degrees to the focus test plane. Then took pictures with the 50mm 1.4, my 50mm 1.8, and my 105mm 2.8. I used an ap of 2.8 on all of them. These are all pretty much SOOC. I adjusted the WB bc it was off, but otherwise converted to jpeg and resized for web. No sharpening has been done. The second pics are crops. These all look pretty dark bc I forgot unzero the ACR settings. Woops!

The NEW 50mm 1.4G Autofocus, then crop for a closer look.

20120215_50mm FOCUS TEST_0001_resized
Looks to me like it is off by about 8mm or so.
20120215_50mm FOCUS TEST_0001_web
So, I tried to fine tune it. I played until it was the best that the camera would allow. Fine tuned to -20. Still not in focus. It does look a little better, but not too much.
Focus Test
Next up, I decided to manually focus it. Bingo! I did notice that when the camera said the lens was focused (the little light lights up in the viewfinder) it was not in focus. When I just used my eye, it did much better.
Focus Test
Next, I tried the 50mm 1.8 to compare and to determine if it once again me, the lens, or the camera.
20120215_50mm FOCUS TEST_0003_resized
Not perfect, but much better than the 1.4. I haven't had any problems getting in focus pictures with this one.
20120215_50mm FOCUS TEST_0003_web
And one more just to prove to myself that I don't suck. The 105mm. I know for a fact that this lens is right on. I rarely manually focus and what I want in focus is always super sharp. And the test proves that it is working perfectly. I didn't do a crop of this one bc it is already close up and pretty obvious.
Focus Test

What do you guys think? This is the SECOND one that is doing this. And -20 is a lot of fine tuning for to still not even be perfectly focused. I'm beginning to think that this lens is just not going to work with my camera, period. I'm going to call Nikon, but wanted to get some more opinions first. Thanks!

Sorry just realized I should have cropped these a bit closer.


Tracy February 15, 2012 at 11:33 PM  

If it were me, I would try another one :) My first one was a dud as well and returned it for another one. My 50mm was also a lot harder to get in focus wide open, but with this test it should be I would think. Where did you get your paper to test focus with? I've never tested any of my lenses and probably should.

Courtney February 16, 2012 at 11:56 PM  

Sorry about the lens issues!! Glad you may have figured it out!!

Megan February 18, 2012 at 1:44 AM  

Well... at least you learned that you can trust your eye and use manual focus!! Still super frustrating, though.

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