Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Betchya can't guess what this is! A week or so ago, I had put Delia into bed only hear her screaming and crying about 2 minutes later. I go up to see what was wrong and she was screaming, "Bebe's beard came off!!!" She was literally sobbing, with big crocodile tears rolling down her face. So, now that the initial drama of the beard falling off is over, it is time to repair the beard. Or at least attempt to. This picture was taken late, as usual, so I hope to have a clean, repaired Bebe to take a picture of tomorrow. And T-Rex too. Ben's T-Rex stuffed animal has had a gaping hole in his back for a while and when he heard Bebe was having surgery, he enlisted Rex too. :)

Bebe's Beard


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