Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Well, we have a bad habit forming around here. Ben is an AWFUL liar. If he thinks he might get in trouble for something, he blames it on Delia. So, he is ending up in twice as much trouble. I'm even thinking about sending that naugty Santa Claus message to him! Mean? Probably...but I wonder if it will work. So, this is the latest lie from this morning.
Ben: Mommy, Delia is in the kitchen eating those brown donuts.
Me: Ben, take care of yourself! Then I head to the kitchen to investigate.
Delia: Ben was eating donuts too!
Ben: No I didn't.
This is what I found in the kitchen. How stupid do they think I am?

Me: Ben, you know you'll get in even more trouble for lying to me.
Ben: I ate one bite and Delia ate two.

At least we got down to the truth and there is supportive evidence...but geez! I can't handle lying. And he was telling on Delia for something that he was doing too. Hmmm. We really need a copy of The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf.

And I am OFFICIALLY CAUGHT UP!!! WHOOHOOO!!! (I think...I need to look back over October...) So, grandparents, I added a about 10 posts in the past couple of days. Most of them are in November.


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