Sunday, November 6, 2011


Move over Lady Gaga. The bad thing about not blogging remotely close to when you take the picture is that you totally forget what your initial thoughts were at the time. The kids wanted to dress up and out Delia came rocking out. Then Ben thought she looked cool and he put on the Gaga gear. I'm going to have lots and lots of ammunition when these kids are older! They love any extra time with Daddy. Sooo not in focus, but I love it regardless. Delia's sweet face and Ben is just happy. Daddy looks like he can't breathe. Bray is Super Baby. He loves to play with Daddy too. And we started work on these skeleton crafts that the kids got at our 'hood Halloween party. Looks like we spent all day in the play room today.

Move over Gaga
Move over Gaga
Super Baby
Skeleton craft


Megan November 27, 2011 at 11:13 AM  

Love, love the pic of the kiddos with Daddy. I adore that it's not in focus. It feels like a soft, warm, memory. Don't you think they will treasure this picture when they're grown? For me, this is the kind of image that makes hauling out the camera worth it. Providing my kids with something irreplaceable, like this, is so fulfilling <3

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