Thursday, December 23, 2010


Brent was off today! Yay! All of this time that he has had off lately makes me realize how much I have missed him with all of the extra work he has taken on (not by choice). I try not to think about it during the normal hustle and bustle of our life, but since things have slowed down a bit, it is much easier to notice. I wish he could take about a month off to spend with us. I think by the end of the month I might be ready to see him work again. Haha :)

Brent took the kids (big ones) to do a little Christmas shopping today, and I took the little one with me to run some errands. I picked up some paint for Brayden's ceiling (bye bye pink) and bought some curtain hangy things for D's pink curtains (that she is so excited about moving into her room!), and some for Brayden's curtains too. I'm excited about his "new room" and can't wait to pull it all together. I now need to shop for a lamp and lighting fixture and art work and accessories. Anyone seen any cute elephant stuff? I checked etsy and came up with nada.

And we continued our Christmas tradition with friends and went out to eat and let the kids exchange presents. Ben and Charlie as Brent put it are like crack for each other. They are both louder and livelier together than they are apart or with other children. That said, you can imagine the handful that the two are together. But, even so, the love that the two share for each other makes my heart melt. The look on their faces when they see each other is pure joy and happiness. Their faces light up and they hug each other and get so excited, even if they have just seen each other They had fun playing at dinner and exchanging presents.....and Delia absolutely loves her pink purse and lip gloss. Her lips have stays sparkly and glossy all day (and mine too!). She can't keep up with Bebe, but she knows where her lip gloss is at all times!

After dinner, we went riding around looking at Christmas lights. Ben would have rather watched T.V. in the car and stated that he could do both at the same time. He has developed quite the little attitude in the past couple of weeks. I think Brayden's birth has affected him more than we had originally thought. I hope that I can give him the attention he deserves and curb this attitude. I hope this isn't typical 4 year old behavior!

Nutella Mustache--

Brayden--Day 24
More swinging. The boy actually looks happy here and he isn't in someone's arms!


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