Wednesday, December 22, 2010


****I'm way behind! I'll try to play catch up and hopefully I'll have it all done by Dec 31st!

What a great day! Not too many time outs. Not too much crying. Not too many tantrums. That is a good day! Brayden has been a good little baby. I feel like I'm getting him figured out. I feel like I'm getting him figured out. Just as I had assumed earlier, once he gets overtired, it is all downhill from there until he finally cries himself to sleep. If I watch his cues and get him to bed before he is overtired, the day goes smooth. Unfortunate for me, the days go best when we don't make an outing. Unfortunate for me, but I don't necessarily look forward to outings with all of them anyway! I don't think life with three will ever be easy, but I do look forward to all of the love and joy another child adds to our family. What a wonderful beginning to Christmas and the New Year.

I broke out Ghetto Studio Flick again today and took a few of Brayden awake (while he would let me) and Ben humored me for about half a second too. This morning, I took a few of the kids in front of the Christmas tree. We were having a pajama day. There have been a LOT of those (especially for me!) in the last few weeks!

Typical D:

Brayden--Day 23
I think the basket is too shallow, but I love this basket and had to give it a whirl.


Jennifer Gammon December 27, 2010 at 9:14 PM  

Your babies are too cute! We had a wonderful dinner with you guys. I am so happy we have are little tradition that we have not let go by for 3 years now!! Love you girl!

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