Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Okay, this morning started off with everyone in tears, myself included. I can't wait for the "new" of everything to wear off, for my new life to seem less stressful, and to feel a sense of normalcy and confidence in parenting all of these kids. Three is hard! Same goes for thinking one was hard when only having one, then one was easy when I had two, and two feels much easier than three. I had often wondered during the past 9 months how I was going to manage three little ones (none of which are in real full time school for yet another year!) and I'm still in the process of figuring it out. I'm sure the answer isn't going to come in a dream, but I sure wish it would!

The day has shaped up a bit. A friend dropped off dinner and it was nice to see an adult and have a little adult interaction (even though the kids bombarded her with books!). Thanks Amanda for entertaining them. They sure love you! And thank you for dinner. You are so sweet to bring my family dinner when you are the one with a gutted kitchen!

The kids are really getting excited about Christmas coming up. They were looking at their presents under the tree today. Ben was trying to guess what was in the packages. Of the three that he guessed, he was right about two of them! A book and a movie. Little stinker. It is hard to pull a fast one on Ben.

Ben and I got to spend a little quality time after D was settled to nap. It was fun. I love hanging out with my biggest little man. He is a joy. He had a great time painting a little art piece that he got at school yesterday as a party favor. I need to find out where those came from so I can get some more.

Here are a few of Ben painting. He had so much patience and didn't want to mix up his colors. I couldn't believe he actually painted the whole thing.

Brayden--Day 16
You wouldn't think taking a picture a day would be so hard of a newborn, but there are only so many things that they do. And only a small slice of time that I have available to get anything good. I'm really going to try harder though. I need to look around for more inspiration. Here he is asleep in the bassinet that I moved for nap time to Delia's "new" room as she always calls it because she was in Brayden's crib in his pink room. Hopefully we will get it changed over to blue soon.


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