Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Today my mom and Granny came to help out around here. The floors and bathrooms are sparkling. Thanks Momma. It really stinks not being able to do the things that I want to do, and it is a big help to have someone willing to help me. I'll pay you back in the golden years.

So, the kids had a great day and there was little argument around here, which is always nice. Brayden had been a little fussier lately. I don't remember the other two being particularly fussy during the daytime, but remember more so trying to get them to sleep at night an issue. It seems to be the opposite with him. The past couple of days haven't been horrible or anything, but I just hope that his adjustment into the big world isn't going to be a tough one.

I had promised Delia a couple of days ago that I would paint her nails pink and there never seemed to be a good time. So, with Grandma here, I was able to give my little girl a manicure. She was so sweet. I cut her nails, filed them, then we painted. I would look up at her and watch her watching me paint. She would notice me watching her and look up and give me the sweetest smile. I just can't get enough of my little girl. She is sweet and tough all at the same time.

Grandma and Granny gave the kids some gum and both smacked on it all afternoon. Hre are a couple of pictures from the playroom. It was already dark outside so, very grainy.
Delia the train engineer hat wearing, cook's apron sporting, hot pink bracelet accessorizing, gum smacking little girl. And don't forget the pretty pink nails while cheering for the GA Bulldogs.
And I haven't posted a picture of Ben lately mostly because he hasn't been around. Or awake when I remembered my picture. I'll work on that when he is back from Grandma's.

Brayden--9 Days Old
(I really need to do better about getting some good quality pictures of him his first days and month with us).

Grandma holding Brayden. She got her wish, another little boy. It looks like they are having a little conversation.

And one to remind myself that not every day was perfect. He did a good deal of this today too.


whippetmom December 10, 2010 at 11:25 AM  

Aww I love the crying sweet even when he's upset :)

grandmabish December 10, 2010 at 5:56 PM  

I love this one looking at his grandma. Look at that sweet little smile and his double chin. I'm glad you have had some help. I can just see you and Delia as she had her little manicure. She will always be your little side kick.

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