Monday, December 6, 2010


Well, today was my first partial morning alone. It actually went pretty smoothly. No tantrums! Brayden was the model child and awoke at about ten after 7. I was able to feed and change him when Ben came strolling in around 730. After he was settled, Delia got up. I wish Ben would always get up at 730 and my life wouldn't be altered very much. Delia got a magnet for getting herself dressed in a reasonable amount of time. She has also been going potty before she calls for me, so that shaves a few minutes off of my morning too. She has four magnets, Ben has only three. I'm hoping this will motivate some good behavior around here. After my mom came, I got to shower! Whoohoo! I need to figure out how to work that in again. Just as you have the routine down, another baby comes and makes things interesting again. So, if I begin to smell, well, just remember that I'm still working the kinks out.

Here is a quick shot of some flowers that my MOPS Secret Sister sent to me in the hospital. I was a day too late photographing them and the hydrangeas were wilted, which of course were the main flower in the arrangement. My secret sister is awesome. She writes the most kind words and is so thoughtful. I feel sorry for my "sister." She probably feels neglected.

Brayden One Week Old

Still need to get a picture today! I just haven't felt up to playing yet. I'll grab one tonight at the last feeding. I have an idea and good thing he doesn't mind being bothered while sleeping. I'll post this one tomorrow.
**What a crappy picture this one turned out to be, but I only shot one. I was exhausted.


Julie the Army Wife December 6, 2010 at 10:12 PM  

Happy 1 week. Those flowers look pretty :)

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