Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Today was a rainy day. Boo. We lounged around for a little bit this morning. Delia was asking to color. She loves to color. She loves any sort of crafty project. Every week at school when I drop her off, she heads straight to the craft table. I remember loving to play with glue and paper and scissors and play dough when I was little too. Lately, I've been noticing how much Delia imitates me. She will put her hands on her hips like me, prop her head on her hand like me, I'm sure she gets her mad dancing skillz from me. Haha. I'm guessing it is because girls tend to identify with their mothers and are more influenced by the women in their lives and vice versa. However it is, I love it. I love having my little girl to identify with as well. Although Ben does have an appreciation for clothes and shoes.

Here she is coloring away. :) I'm impressed how she already colors one little thing at a time. Ben has just now gotten the concept of attempting to keep in the lines. At her age, he just went wild on the paper. I think that is just "boy". Girls seem to have the coloring thing down a lot earlier. I don't think Brent ever learned to color....or draw....or write....hmmm.

I'm trying to decide what I want to do next year. I know that I want to do a p52 instead of a 365, but I may do digital scrapbooking with it and make a book as I go....just trying it out. I spent way too much time with this and I'm still not happy. I would need to buy a bunch of templates and some cool paper and then plug in all my pictures and journaling....seems like a lot of work.

And I might want to do something separate for the baby....even more work. And what I do for one, I need to do for all 3. Even more work...


Jen B. November 23, 2010 at 9:10 PM  

These are questions I am always considering too. I am thinking about a 52 week project for next year as well. The continued challenge will keep your photography progressing. Digi scrapping is fun, but can be time consuming like you said. A blog-to-book website like Blurb has been a good option that I have done in the past. One "family" book of everyone is better than none at all, and seems do-able as a busy mom with three little ones. I am pro-blogging for the simple fact that it keeps you journaling. I think that is what's most important.

grandmabish November 23, 2010 at 11:25 PM  

you sound like me ...everywhere I look, it is just work, work, and more work. The 365 I do is my playtime though. I do not have kids around the clock though.

Courtney November 24, 2010 at 7:56 PM  

I want to do a 365 because I want the end result but I'm not sure if I am committed to another year. Decisions decisions :O) I do hope you do something as I love looking at your photos and reading about your adorable family :O) I did want to ask you, what camera do you have?? I thought I remembered that you got a full-frame nikon this year. I know it is in the shop right now though :O( I'm toying with the idea of selling my d90 to get a full frame. There is a d300 at the BX for not a bad price. Just not sure what I want :O) Thanks!

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