Tuesday, November 16, 2010


School day! An otherwise yucky, rainy day. I had my OB appt this morning. I'm still 2cm and holding. The Non Stress Test was normal. They do this once a week because of the low fluid. Kiddo wasn't quite as active during the test as he or she has been, but goodness has the baby been on the move lately. My belly has been going crazy. I'm hoping this isn't a glimpse as to what life on the outside is going to be like. Ben and Delia were both great babies that I felt like slept too much during the day. This one I feel like doesn't sleep at all, day or night! Next Monday is the pre-op visit with my OB and next Friday my pre-op visit with anesthesia. Then the party starts the following Monday! Dr. Little still frowns every time he measures my belly, but I'm hoping a mini me is in there.

I spent the afternoon packing up summer/last fall clothes and moving them into Rubbermaid containers. It makes me sad to pack all of the clothes up. The little shoes. Delia's foot has grown 3 sizes the past year. Yikes. I hope the foot growth slows down a little. She isn't too far behind her big brother. I took a couple of minutes and looked through some of Ben's old things. Some of my favorites made me smile. I remember picking those clothes out (via internet bc of bedrest) and it just brings back memories of him as a tiny newborn. In a couple of weeks, I'll know which clothes to keep and which clothes to consign. I've been saving all of their clothes for just that reason.

No picture today. I'm having D700 withdrawals already and just couldn't bring myself to take a picture today. I don't think there was enough light anyway. It has been super dark all day. The D700 is now in transit to NY again. Aren't New Yorkers supposed to be in a hurry? Not the case for Nikon...I had to call again today to get my label emailed. Do you think I can get something free out of them for the hassle? Maybe a 70-200mm 2.8? Haha.


Courtney November 17, 2010 at 11:19 PM  

You should totally write a complaint letter to the president of Nikon. I know it sounds silly but my dad does it all the time and has gotten free plane tickets, concert tickets, kitchen supplies. Do it!! If you need the presidents address I can stick my dad on that (he LOVES to help people write customer service letters :O)

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