Monday, October 18, 2010


The Christmas season has started and I haven't even gotten my Fall wreaths on the doors! I bought the first couple of gifts today. Of course, the mailbox is already loaded with catalogs advertising kids toys, already. I think there were four of them in the mail today. Any ideas for 2.5 year old little girls??? Courtney and Barb, you guys should have an idea or two! Ben is so much easier to buy for because he has clear interests in things. Delia is all over the place, mostly just copying Ben....I think it is time to differentiate the toys though. Some girly girl things are in order.

I have finally cracked the code of my camera and lenses. The 50mm front focuses up to an ap of 2.8 (needs calibrated, but not worth it), and my right focal points on the camera stink, I need to recheck the 85mm again, I had given up on it, and haven't used it in a while. I just need to get a couple of pictures of the kids dressed up in their Halloween gear and borrow a P&S from someone and the camera is going in for repair, maybe the 85mm too if I determine it is front focusing as well. I would rather miss the real deal for Halloween rather than the birth of the baby. Priorites...

So, that said, I know there have been a ton of close ups lately that don't really tell a story of any kind, but I've been testing out the camera and lenses to get a better idea as to what was going on and it is easier to tell if something is sharp close up. I loved this one of Ben. And until I get a gray card, I'm shooting in cloudy WB. I like it so far! I didn't touch the WB in pp'ing.



grandmabish October 19, 2010 at 12:51 AM  

I think this is a beautiful shot. I love the warm color of his skin.

Courtney October 20, 2010 at 9:44 AM  

I have a gray card but rarely use it outside :O) Too much work!! Sorry to hear about your camera and lens. Yikes!! Hope all is fixed before the baby!! Did you know Ian broke my old camera as I was laying in the hospital 30 minutes prior to giving birth to Emma. Yup! Had to use a stupid P & S (I only had a fancy one at the time) to take all her birth pictures. The next day I had my first DSLR in my hands :O) As far as toys girl, Kate got some of those Snap n' Style dolls with the wardrobe to hold all the clothes last Christmas. She still plays with them tons.

Any kind of dress up clothes are always a huge hit!!! She also like Melissa and Doug puzzles (but I think you have those) Oh!!! A play wooden kitchen, they play with that EVERY DAY!!!

If I think of anything else I will let you know :O)

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