Friday, October 15, 2010


Yesterday, we were given a challenge in our MOPS group. Sounds easy enough. "Do not speak a negative word to your children or husband for one day." Well, I didn't make it too long. Ben started acting out (wouldn't put his clothes on, refusing to do as I asked--and I even offered a magnet for good behavior prior to his bad behavior) and he landed himself in T.O. among other things several times, well before 9am. He is really going through a challenging stage. If this is how a four year old acts, I'll take a two year old any day of the week! So, I get a big fat F for the challenge. I hope to try it again tomorrow and redeem myself. How do you stay positive when your kid is being so negative? Maybe that is the lesson....more positivity evokes positivity, eventually?

Anyone want a dog or two? Seriously. I've had it with the both of them. I really think the dogs hate me and conspire against me. What can we do to make mommy clean for the longest amount of time? Eat poop and vomit in the floor? Pee on the curtains? Pee on the rug? Dig in the trash can? Never, ever get a bulldog. They are so spiteful! Currently researching a a place to have Sanford's balls wacked on the cheap. I might even take some pleasure in it. :)

The dogs are not allowed on the furniture. I was looking for Herschie and where did I find her? On my bed....trying to look innocent.


Courtney October 17, 2010 at 4:06 AM  

You crack me up!! I have two crazy dogs who drive me BANANAS!! They eat something every day while I'm out!! I think they are mad at my kids because it is always their toys :O) Good luck with the "procedure"...we had that one done on Gus right away. He is still a nut though :O)

BarbRiley October 19, 2010 at 9:19 PM  

I am still laughing at you and your dogs! Our dog is crazy too, though, she doesn't sound that troublesome anymore ;)

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