Wednesday, October 6, 2010


The kids have been pretty good today! A much needed break from their moods. Delia has officially destroyed the crib tent. As in, it is still a tent, but doesn't zip anymore. She could totally climb out if she wanted to, but lucky for me, she doesn't. Funny thing is that she hasn't attempted to escape since Brent had his 3 hour long put Delia back in the crib event. She has yet to climb out under my watch. She must know better :)

Ben and I played a game during D's naptime. The Ladybug Game. Another cute one. Ben has recently been really competitive with his sister, which I hate. Who gets down the stair first, opens the door first, etc. I grew up with a sore loser and I hope that the kids learn to win and lose gracefully. So, I beat him once, and let him win once (he didn't know that I let him win the second time).

I managed to cook dinner and let the kids play for about an hour outdoors today. Go me! I'm sure I'll get this look often when she is a teenager. It is a little too early to start yet, though.



grandmabish October 6, 2010 at 11:40 PM  

I love this backlight...a fascination of mine lately, and her gorgeous eyes! She's so CUTE!

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