Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Another whirlwind day. Ben was off to a horrible start. He lost a magnet before we even left for school today. All because he was being the poky little puppy that he is and wouldn't get his clothes on in a timely manner. Then forgot to put on underwear. Ugh! Bebe made it to school with Delia today. So I hope I earned back some points for remembering.

I went straight home after dropping the kids off, ate some breakfast, and vegged out on the couch for a bit. Caught up on a little TV (DH and Brothers and Sisters). The house is actually clean enough for me to relax in it for a moment. Downstairs at least.

After school, we headed back to Grandma's to prime the chair. Priming is done, now to pick out a paint color for the chair and also a mirror that I have decided to paint too. I keep thinking I can't wait to not have a project to do, but by that time, I'll have a newborn. Good thing they sleep a lot in the beginning.

Boring picture today, that I will post tomorrow. 7:50 p.m. The time it was after tucking the kids into bed and right before my bubble bath. Now awaiting Grey's and Private Practice to come on!

***Stupid me...Grey's and PP come on THURSDAY! Bummer!



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