Thursday, September 23, 2010


Brent took the kids to school this morning and I lounged around in my pajamas and caught up on blog posts. Actually, I'm still catching up, but I'm almost there. But I have changed out of my pajamas :) Brent and I finally got around to unpacking Delia's last two pieces of furniture and they both arrived with no dings! Brent has a job to do to assemble one piece and the furniture will be done. I still have a long list of to dos and seems like not enough time to do them in. More shopping is in order....

Today I'm 30 weeks prego! I can't believe that in only 10 weeks or so, we will have a new member of the family. This pregnancy has passed so quickly. I feel like life has accelerated the past few months.

Ben had a great time playing with the left over pieces of the furniture boxes. Mostly the styrofoam pieces (my favorite to clean up). He was talking in every shot, and he wasn't talking to me. The boy loves to chat with himself about what he is doing.

After D's nap, we went to the pool for a little while. The kids are swimming so well. Ben has gained so much confidence even in the past couple of weeks. He is jumping farther, swimming farther, swimming with his head above water, doing "tricks" like the airplane canon ball, and helicopter. Of course Delia copies everything. I'm so proud of them both. Too bad summer is over :( Pretty awesome that the pool seems to be heated though. Hopefully we can get a couple more weeks of swimming in before it gets too cold.



Courtney September 24, 2010 at 8:40 AM  

You can't be 30 weeks already! Didn't we just find out you were pregnant :O) Love your doors!!

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