Tuesday, September 21, 2010


This morning we ate breakfast at IHOP. I don't recommend St. Pete Beach. We did get a deal on a place to stay, but the scenery left much to be desired. The beach was nice and big though and the sand white. After breakfast, we went to pick up the birthday invites in Tampa from Brooke, the to the grocery store, then to the beach, where we spent all day. We had a picnic lunch outside at a table. Then more pool time (go figure), more beach time, then dinner and bed. A day filled with activity. The kids were fun to be around and I really enjoyed having some family time together. I think the funniest thing today was when we were eating some chips on the beach. Of course a million birds came over when they heard the crackle of the chip bag. Ben had a ball feeding chips to the birds. Delia wasn't about to share her chips and didn't share a single crumb. She sat quietly and ate every single one all by herself. That girl is funny.

No picture today. I really wish I had gotten a picture of Ben with the birds. He was loving it! I really need to be better about that....and by the end of the day, the light was gone.


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