Friday, September 17, 2010


Today was a very looooooooooooong drive to Florida. Our nephew is turning two and we are visiting for the party and then squeezing in a quick beach trip while we are there. Of course there were a million bathroom breaks and this one somehow we ended up at Dairy Queen. Seems like all of the gas stations toward South Ga and FL have a DQ in them. So, instead of stopping again in only an hour, we decided to have an ice cream snack at 11am, then a late lunch (Chick-fil-a of course)! We didn't hear any complaints and the ice cream seemed to lighten the mood in the car for a little bit. I think Ben asked how much longer, farther, etc about 10 million times.

Delia right before she went pee pee and her dress dipped into the gas station toilet water. Fun.



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