Friday, September 10, 2010


What a nice day. After breakfast and a couple of chores around the house, we set out to Grandma's house. I think the kids were the happiest they have been in a while. The kids didn't fight (hardly anyway) and I got to relax on the front porch for a while. The only spoiler was a dude with a chainsaw cutting up a huge tree that had fallen recently. The kids played with a ride on car for a several hours. I think they must have put 10 miles on it "going to the grocery store." Delia looked so cute in the passenger seat while her big brother drove her around.

This morning I fed the kids cold cereal for the first time. I asked Ben if he wanted cereal for breakfast and he said he wanted the "colorful one shaped like O's". My poor deprived kids. They don't even know the name of Fruit Loops. We used to practice some speech techniques with these a while back. Fruit loops are good :)

I'll post the picture tomorrow. My camera battery is charging and I'm yet to buy a card reader.



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