Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Today, the kids had school. I had an OB appt. All is well with the baby. Very active today during the appt and ultrasound.

I forgot to say that on Sunday, Delia admitted to smoking crack. One of the kids said something absurd, and of course the other one agreed. Brent asked them if they were on crack. And Delia replies matter of fact, "Yep, I'm on crack." She is so funny.

I haven't mentioned that Delia has been doing really horribly potty training. I would never ever, ever, in a million years "train" a kid so early again. I often think, "What was I thinking? And why was I so excited about it???!!!!" I thought she was ready because of her willingness to go potty, but not so much, obviously. Fluids go straight through her and she lets you know she needs to go pee pee after she has already pee pee'd a little bit in her panties already. So, I'm talking changing panties as often as you would change diapers in order to enforce the "staying dry" of potty training. On a high note, the poop part is going really well (most frustrating part with Ben), and she went two days with the SAME, DRY panties on. Yay Delia!!! Skiggles, also known as Skittles, seem to be a big motivator around here. One accident today at school, but it is just that initial pee pee enough to dampen her panties, then she finishes in the potty. Her teacher, Ms. Tine, has been super supportive and has never changed her into a pull-up even though I keep one in her bag just in case she gets sick of changing panties. What a sweet woman!

Another high note! The upholstering of the headboard is underway!!!! I went ahead and placed the order today. The chair for the nursery should be finished by Thursday or Friday, I think and they will deliver it and pick up the headboard. Hopefully Brian will be finished with the ceiling sometime in this millennium. I think his estimated 4 days is now going on close to two weeks. He is probably working for about $2 an hour.

I'm having a really frustrating time with my camera. I have gone back and forth thinking it was me, no the lens, no the camera, no it must be me....focus is ridiculous. I did a little test and now I think it is the camera again, mainly the outer focal points, which will explain why I can get sharp photos when I use the inner focal points. I called Nikon, and I'm sending in some test photos tomorrow to have them check it out. I'm ready to just put it down and not touch it again, so frustrating. I missed out on the sweetest picture of the kids today bc the image was out of focus. Bummer.

Okay, if anyone is still reading, I'm lazy again, but I will be posting a super sexy photo of Brent as he modeled for me while I took a couple of test photos this evening. He is going to kill me. I'll catch up posting pictures sometime this week. And FYI, although this looks like a modeling "pose", Brent is just staring at me letting me check my different focal points. This one works :)



BarbRiley August 31, 2010 at 10:20 PM  

Well, they say admitting a problem is the first step to recovery ;-) Hope Delia kicks her crack habit soon! Glad to hear all went well at the ob.

Courtney September 1, 2010 at 8:38 AM  

Sorry to hear about your camera!! I hope they can fix it for you :O) I'm sure it is not you!!

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