Monday, August 30, 2010


Another busy Monday. Ben has speech on Monday mornings. The contractor is still in Delia's room. I can't wait for him to be D.O.N.E!!! I hate having some one in my house for so long. I feel like I need to be gone, but I have no where to go. He is super nice and neat, but I'm ready to have my house back. This afternoon, we went and picked out fabric for Delia's headboard. I'm a little nervous about it. The plan is to have it monogrammed, but I'm thinking maybe it should just be tufted instead. I'm scared the monogram lady will screw it up and then I'll be out the cost of the fabric. I don't think I trust her enough. I think I just talked myself into tufting.

We have another busy week ahead, some of which is uncertain. I have a 2 DAY window right now of when one piece of Delia's furniture will come in. They will call me with a 2 hour window closer to the delivery date. That really makes planning ahead hard....

I made banana muffins this evening. They didn't quite turn out how I think they should??? But they taste good! I'll post a picture tomorrow. I just finished up Ben's collage for school and I just want to relax tonight. :)
20100830_Banana Muffins_0001_editweb

20100830_Banana Muffins_0002_editweb


grandmabish August 30, 2010 at 8:22 PM  

It sounds like you have earned an evening to ralax. I hope that Delia's room turns out perfect, along with her headboard.

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