Saturday, August 14, 2010


Today, we went out on a boat in the Charleston harbor. Ben loved it. He and Grant were up on the front of the boat just holding on and letting the wind blow their hair. Ben was mesmerized with all of the huge tanker ships, shrimping boats, cranes, birds fishing for food, and dolphins. He did say that "Actually, I don't like the dolphins, but I do like the big ships." So, I guess he wasn't as impressed with dolphins. He expected them to jump out of water like in a dolphin show and that didn't happen. :) Delia and Lilia liked them and so did I.

We had a great dinner after the kids were in bed and game night. The Blackwell's said we are the
"game" people. We always play games with them when we are together. I miss that! It is nice being able to have a good time without getting a sitter all of the time. I had almost forgotten that it can be done. And luckily our kids are pretty versatile and can sleep just about anywhere. Delia even stayed in her cramped pack and play. Ben shared a bed with Grant without any issues. I think Ben really enjoyed Grant's company.

Once again, I didn't take the camera because I didn't want to worry about it and a storm was coming. I really need a point and shoot. We were wet, cold, and miserable (at least I was) for most of the boat ride and it started raining about halfway back, so I'm glad I didn't bring it with me. I was so happy to get a hot shower when we got home. And the dinner was awesome too.


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