Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Another busy day! We really need a slow day around here. This morning I sold the last remnant of the D80 on craigslist. Yay! Now I'm again saving for another lens upgrade and I should be content for a while....I think. I'm sure something will pop up that I want. Like a flash, I would like a flash with fall and winter coming soon, but as far as camera gear goes, those aren't too terribly expensive. Then that will be it for a while, maybe. :) I am ready to get non photography related gifts for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries....

So, this morning we met the dude to sell the lens. Then dropped off the nursery chair to have it recovered. After nap time, we went to the pool. We had fun together! The love my kids. They are fun to be around most of the time (when they are doing something they like doing). I'm still hoping I have scored some fun points this week. Ben did say that I was "A lot of fun" to Brent this evening. If you can't tell, it really hurt my feelings when he said I wasn't fun on Sunday. I know kids will say what is on their minds and I think that is why it was so hurtful! I feel like I do expose them to a lot of fun things during the week, but I'm also the one that gets to discipline and nag the most too. Feels like it cancels each other out. I don't want to be remembered as "not fun."

We have no food here. I never checked off my "making a grocery list" on Monday, and I still haven't gone to the grocery store. I plan on making a master grocery list for Kroger specifically so that I can more efficiently grocery shop. I really hate the grocery store and half the time I would rather just leave without an item than walk across the store 10 times to get everything on the list. So, I'm going to try to solve that issue. Anyway, to the picture. This was part of our dinner tonight. Jealous of my food photography?

I'll insert the picture tomorrow. I'm feeling a bit lazy and would rather watch a movie instead.



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