Monday, August 2, 2010


Color me disappointed today. I hadn't gotten confirmation on my 'new to me' lens being shipped, so I called this morning, was emailed an invoice and trade receipt. A little later I received a shipment confirmation on an 85mm 1.8.....CANON version. Ugh! And I have to wait, get the Canon lens, ship it back to get my Nikon lens shipped. What a bummer! All I can say is this lens better be in pristine condition. We are going to Charleston next weekend and I really want this lens to come with me!

Ben told us last night that I wasn't fun, so I'm trying to figure out some "fun" stuff to do with him. I asked him this morning what he considered fun. Monkey Joe's is fun. Swimming at the pool is fun. Going to the park is fun. Are these not things we already do??? How quickly he forgets! So this afternoon, I am going to run a few more errands and then surprise them with a trip to the carousel and a cookie from Great American Cookie Co. Hopefully that will be 'fun' and I'll earn a few fun points.

This is a list of my errands for the day. I'm going to start really planning out my week now and getting my priorities straightened out. A clean house is a happy house, right? There are a lot of unchecked items there, but Monday isn't over yet (it is 835pm)! Off to measure for furniture and then order it :) Check, check!



grandmabish August 3, 2010 at 2:05 AM  

Your list is so organized with the little boxes etc. I love checking things off too! I have a planner that I write the list in. I'd be lost with out the plan every day .

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