Saturday, July 17, 2010


Busy Saturday. Got off to a bad start and I have been in a bad mood all day! I just can't shake it. So, the kids seem whinier, and it takes everything longer to get done. We got to meet our friend's adopted little girl from Ukraine. She is so cute and sweet and really fits in with the family! Delia and Ben even gave her hugs and kisses before we left. Can't wait to spend some time with them in a few more weeks. Funny how her vocabulary is growing. I'm not sure how many words she has, but Mine! is one of them. Seems to be a trend.... (Not to make her sound selfish or anything, just that Delia seems to really like that word too) :)

We have accomplished a few things today. Brent finally put up the towel holder in the bathroom and the curtain rod in the keeping room. I can't wait to finally get that room pulled together. We bought a headboard for Delia's new room and there are a lot of things to tackle in there. A few pieces of her bedding have arrived, so I can pick out paint colors. The headboard will need a slipcover, so I need to get on finding a fabric for that. I posted a few things on craig's list Friday and have gotten a few hits, I just hope that people actually buy the things to get them out of D's new room to make room for the new things. I'm excited about getting her room together, not so excited about moving her to a big girl bed. If only I could buy a big girl bed tent to trap her in there!

Tonight after the kids' bath, I noticed how big Ben's belly looked and had to take a "maternity" shot of him to compare to my belly. I'm not sure who has the bigger one at this point. I'll get one of mine up soon. I'm waiting until I run out of ideas! Cropped to get rid of the boy bits! His belly was full of milk, tomato basil soup, yogurt. A lot of liquids in there!


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