Tuesday, July 6, 2010


What did we do today???? Camp for the kids. Finally bought some annual flowers (begonias) to go out front in the annual beds. Anyone want to plant them for me? I am barefoot and prego and all. Friends came over for a bit in the morning. We hosted MOPS play group at the neighborhood pool. It was fun. I love the MOPS girls. Ben got to see one of his friends that was in his preschool class along with his bff. The kids really stress me out when there are a lot of people around though. I need to be super attentive at the pool and it is hard when there is a lot of chaos and I would still like some mom time. Ben was requiring a lot of attention for some reason and Delia just thinks she is an Olympic swimmer already, but pretty much needs one on one supervision. She is too daring for her skills just yet. I felt like a ball of nerves. But we survived and no one drowned, thank goodness.

Ben could play with his cars all day. I like listening to him thinking/playing out loud. He says things like, "Wait just a minute and Bennie will come get you" or makes really LOUD car sounds. I love it. He has always entertained himself pretty well and I'm glad for that, especially since he gave up his nap already. It gives me a little bit of time to refresh. So, here's a pic of Bennie and his cars and lego cars that he builds. He likes to examine them closely and watch the wheels turn, park them "between the lines" and "over the line" and "crooked." He is definitely a boy's boy when it comes to the toys he enjoys.



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