Saturday, July 3, 2010


The 3rd of July is bigger than the 4th around here! Family and friends joined us for a day at the lake and at the pool, followed by a fireworks show put on by our neighborhood. It was definitely a long day for the kids, who didn't get into bed until after 1030pm. Amazingly, with as many kids as there were at the function, there were no meltdowns!!! To me, that is a success.

I am learning to slow down a little (trying to learn) and take a deep breath and enjoy my kids more. Life has seemed like a blur and a chore lately and it has helped to spend a little one on one time and just enjoy them individually. Ben absolutely LOVED the fireworks and I feel so lucky to have experienced them with him. He said he liked the "boom boom." In years past, the "boom boom" kept him from enjoying the fireworks. This is our 4th July in Gainesville and the first that both kid have enjoyed the fireworks. Delia enjoyed them too, but not with the intensity that Ben did. They were two tired kids by the end of the evening.

Sorry, no picture today. It is impossible to take firework photo on boat, and I'm still too scared to take my camera too many places with water involved. And the battery is still dead. That is all of my excuses.


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