Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Last day of swim lessons!!!! Yay! I actually felt sorry for Ben today. If you know me at all, you would know that I am not an "enabling" mom. And by that I mean that I don't baby my kids or give mixed signals when I know (and they know) what behavior I expect from them, even if it makes them upset. For example: Delia cries at the church nursery when we drop her off. I'm not going to play into that because I know that it won't make her feel better, it will only draw out the process. I know best and I don't want to send confusing signals. With that said, I really felt sorry for him today. He cried through pretty much the entire lesson because he says that he doesn't want to go underwater. (He will happily and willingly do it for us). His instructor says he isn't going "under water" because that means that he would be where her toes are in the pool. Ben is by no means stupid...and he knows when his head is under the level of the water....that he is under.the.water....and I felt like she was almost punishing him for crying by dunking him under water. I'm not a nervous mom, I knew he was "safe" and not in danger of being drowned, but I just thought that this so called "strictness" can be also be viewed as just plain out mean. I really don't blame him for not liking her...at all. That said, he has made a lot of progress, and I would consider using her again (she is known for getting straight to business), but I would totally draw the line if I felt like she were being mean to him. And I will definitely be more sensitive to my little guy's feelings. He is scared and being scared of some things are okay....for a little while at least, especially since it isn't exactly an irrational fear. He is smart enough to know that the water isn't safe (unlike his fearless sister right now) so I'll give him that.

So, I'm not going to post a degrading picture of Ben crying during lessons. This one struck me as funny when I saw it. Delia is doing the dive "pose" to jump into the pool and the look on her face along with the pose is priceless. She looks as if she is thinking, what is the big deal Bennie??? Or oh no! Not again!



BarbRiley June 29, 2010 at 9:35 PM  

Oh Laurie, I am sorry Ben, and you, had a tough day at swim lessons. You are a great Mom for giving your children consistent rules & guidelines and offering compassion when needed and love ALL the time. Your little ones are lucky to have you:)

Shannon Joy June 29, 2010 at 10:11 PM  

You are such a good mommy!!! Sorry Ben had a rough time at swimming lessons.

grandmabish June 30, 2010 at 12:10 AM  

This photo is priceless. SO sweet! Thank you for telling the stories to go along with your photos. I feel like I know you and your family. I just want to give
Ben a big hug. I can SOOO relate to the face in the water thing that I have never overcome.

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