Friday, June 25, 2010


Okay, I should have been journaling for the past few days because now I'm having trouble remembering what went on....ummmm, we went to Alpharetta to get out of Gainesville for a little bit, made a last minute detour to see Nana (and Uncle Drew was a bonus)....then the church hosted a Date Night, so the kids got dropped off and Brent and I went out to eat. It was so nice. It was a busy day, I wasn't home but just in the morning, but I feel like we have lived at the pool for the past few weeks. I'm ready for swim lessons to be over.....

When we got home, Ben opted out of reading stories for looking for Lightning Bugs/Fireflies instead. I rarely get those one on one moments with Ben when he is experiencing pure fun and joy, and I'm happy that we did this together. We also saw a bat searching for bugs too. Ben would yell, "I SAW ONE!!!" when he would spot one. We tried to catch a few, but it was too dark to "see" them well enough to find unless they were lit up. I love firsts and Ben didn't disappoint me with his enthusiasm. I love that little guy. I haven't laughed so hard with him in what seems like forever. AND I put the camera down so I could enjoy the full moment with him, no distractions. So this photo is what we have. A manually focused picture (in the dark!!) under a street lamp after the fun was over. Totally worth it.



Shannon Joy June 27, 2010 at 10:30 PM  

What a precious photo of sweet Ben! Way to go with manual focus!!!!

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