Saturday, June 5, 2010


Driving and driving. Well, I was riding in the car. Delia chatting and chatting and dropping toys (poor Grandma had the seat by Delia), some complaining, very little sleeping. We expected the kids to totally drop like flies as soon as the car started rolling this morning, but no luck. Delia fought sleep for as long as she could. It was a fun week, but there is no place like home. And now running around trying to get Delia's party in order for tomorrow. Cupcakes weren't ready, ugh! Cake pops didn't turn out, double ugh! But hopefully the cake lady will come through for me! I'm really disappointed about the cake pops, but nothing I can do the night before the party. Oh well. At 11:42 pm, the DVD I won't stop typing about is burning--84.8% completed. Nothing like procrastinating! I wish it would hurry so I could go to sleep. I can't wait to sleep in my own bed.

So, as I read another friend's blog tonight while waiting for my DVD to finish up, I picture today yet! So, another lame one, but it does document what I have spent the last few hours completing. I'm hoping to get some creative juices flowing soon and get some real pictures taken.

As before....lame picture to be posted when I can catch up from vacation!


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