Thursday, June 3, 2010


Trying to catch up on blogging. I want to make sure I at least have the words to describe the day and I'll post the pictures when I get a chance. I had a little time to look over the assignment for an online photography class I'm taking (Finding the Joy) and the topic this week is "Relationships" and taking photos of my children and the various relationships that they have with different people. Since Grandma is on our mini vacation with us this week, this is a great opportunity to take some pictures of the kids with her. All Delia can talk about is "Where's Grandma??" when she is out of sight and every old man (or not so old man) she calls "Papa." So even when not in sight, the grandparents are in mind.

Brent spent the earlier morning at the beach with the kids while Grandma and I went to buy new umbrellas. Ours bit the dust yesterday. Not being at home, getting to bed late, and busy days are beginning to wear on the kids. So, Ben was a little whiney for his daddy this morning and wanted to ditch the ocean for the pool. After a short while, Delia wanted to follow suit. And our little girl started jumping from the edge of the pool into the water. After a few tries, she was jumping without anyone to catch her and going completely under water. The girl has no fear. If only her courage would rub off on her brother. Just a little.

Up next a little putt putt golf is in order. Hopefully the whining will not set in until much later today. Delia is fresh from a nap and Ben at least had a little quiet time.

Pic of the day to be posted later!


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