Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Today was a lot of driving to our destination! The kids were awesome in the car. Ben, a perfect angel, and Delia was her talkative self. She was actually pretty great, but I think we owe more of that to Grandma than to Delia. Not sure how things would have panned out without her. I don't think there was a minute that Delia wasn't chattering about something. Well, there was about a 15 minute lull where we thought she might go to sleep, but she fought it and perked back up. We have been talking about her birthday a lot, so she randomly tells us "Happy Birthday, Mommy!" or Daddy, or Grandma, or Bennie. And she has started singing it too. It is too cute.

As far as pictures go, I've got nothing for today. I actually took some (with my new macro!!!) but I was just playing and deleted them all. So, nothing for today!!!


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