Friday, May 21, 2010


Another rainy day. Our friends came over to play this morning, so that was a great distraction to break up dreary day. Delia is down for a nap. Or she is in her crib in her room anyway. Ben is getting some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in. I figure since I can't eat anything out of a can, I'll just have to make something sweet. We made cookies this morning, but those aren't hitting the spot. Anyone that knows me knows I have an enormous sweet tooth, I think all of my teeth are sweet ones. So I think I'll be making something sweet this afternoon. I've been wanting some "Hello Dolly" cookies aka "Magic Cookie Bars" and I think I have all of the ingredients. Yum. I remember making these for the first time in Home Economics in middle school and I have been hooked ever since. Only I leave out the ingredients I don't like. Nuts is one of them and butterscotch is another.

Here is some proof that I do cook occasionally, even if it is junk food:


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