Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Another busy day. We dropped by a little breakfast party this morning, then to speech, then to Grandma's. Thanks Momma for finishing the cushions! I can't wait to pimp out the front porch with spring flowers, planters, hanging baskets, etc. I am not a green thumb by any means, but I love a lived in looking porch. Unfortunately, this will be the first year for ours to take some shape in this house. In Charleston, Brent and I enjoyed many evenings out on the back porch with a drink and some conversation. I look forward to having that again.

I contemplated a very different photo for this evening, but I'm sure I would get some heat from it, so I'll scrapbook it instead. I'm not sure one like it won't be posted in the future, it is only February. Delia screamed and cried from the time we got home until dinner (unless I was holding her). And it was documented. However, I had a backup. Ben wanted his picture taken, twenty times he said. Well, after three, it was too cold and I told him we were done. He is so funny. He is into quantifying everything. Twenty pictures, two times, is it 3 o'clock? The whole learning process is just amazing to watch unfold. Love my little Bennie. So here is one of the three pictures. And not the screaming Delia one. (And in my defense, I snapped a picture of her practically climbing up my legs, then I picked her up.) I'm mean, but not that mean. :)



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